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Oh You Didn’t Know? The Greatest Unknown Wrestling Stories – Episode 10

 As revealed in the autobiography of Mick Foley, the team of Steve Austin and Dude Love got most of their chemistry from ribbing the locker room in the past. Hence, I will bring you back to 1993, as the duo attempted multiple times to prank DDP. Diamond Dallas Page was affected very little by the classics including hiding hotel room towels and Saran Wrap over the toilet seat antics, however, the pranksters finally got DDP one night at a hotel.

Before the long drive to the next town, a fan had gifted Mick Foley multiple batches of homemade Chocolate Chip cookies. Instead of eating them, Mick Foley decided to stay healthy and put them to good use! Mick Foley accounts that he and Steve Austin dumped 36 chewy, soft, gooey cookies all over Diamond Dallas Page’s bed while he showered. When DDP emerged from the shower, he dried his hair and body, before realizing that the lights were off in the room, signaling that Mick Foley and Steve Austin had went to bed already. Therefore, he immediately plopped into bed. After just a few seconds, the warm and damp body of DDP smushed and spread the cookies around the bed and his body. The sticky substance caused DDP to scream, as Mick Foley burst out laughing.

DDP, who according to Mick Foley loved sleeping naked, leapt out of bed, chucking and throwing cookies across the room at Foley. Before long, a small food fight ensued. It ended soon after the naked DDP pounced onto Mick Foley, attempting to grind the cookies into Mick Foley’s shins. The image of a buck-naked DDP hitting Mick Foley in the shin with chocolate chip cookies will never escape my mind.

“Mick Foley writes, “Earlier, a fan had given us a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies that she had baked. While Dallas showered, Steve and I had dumped approximately thirty-six soft chewy beauties between the sheets of DDP’s bed, and now as he lay there I could tell that those delicious tollhouses were starting to take effect. It started with a little wriggle, and then grew to the point where he knew something was wrong. “What, what, what’s this?” Dallas said, to no one in particular. Steve and I remained silent. Suddenly, it hit him. “There’s f*cking cookies in my bed”, he yelled. “Someone put f*cking cookies in my bed”. Silence. Dallas was now screaming at the top of his lungs. “I want to know who put f*cking cookies in my bed, right now!” I soon gave myself away. I was laughing so hard under my covers that I couldn’t help myself.”