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Sean Waltman on Jeff Jarrett’s Issues, Nia Jax Getting Advice to Walk out of WWE from The Rock, More


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Sean Waltman Shares His Thoughts On Jeff Jarrett: A lot of the stuff is allegedly but it doesn’t take away from the fact that it seems that Jarrett is going through some shit right now. You hear different stories, although some parts of the story may not be true or maybe exaggerated. When you hear several stories like this, there’s something to it and Jeff has gone through a ton of heartache over the years. The lost of his children’s mother and other things that we probably don’t even know. I’ve known Jeff for a long time and Jeff has never been afraid to party but he’s always held it together and when I hear things like this it makes me worry and I love Jeff very much.

Sean Waltman Doesn’t Believe The Rock Told Nia Jax To Walk Out Of WWE:Rumor is that she called The Rock and that the Rock advised her to walk out- I cannot buy that, I absolutely don’t buy that Dwayne Johnson gave his cousin advice to walk out of the company. I don’t believe that for one second.

Jonny Loquasto on Ralphie May:We bonded over wrestling. He was the Dusty Rhodes of comedy. He came from nothing and he was a champion of the people just like Dusty. The reason why Ralphie drew so many big numbers on the road was because people loved him and he gave that love back. If I could sum up Ralphie as comedian it’s Dusty Rhodes doing Hard Times promo.

Sean’s best promos were post-match:I like the post-match in-ring interviews. Because from experience when you’re all caught up and in the moment. That’s one of the best times to get a word from somebody. It was always the best time to get a word from me. All my best shit (promos) came from in-ring stuff like that. And this is why I knew when Mickie James gave her post-match interview the people didn’t shit on it. They were with it. They were feeling what she was putting out there because it was real. And that’s what you get when you do a post-match interview like that.

Sean on getting upset at a Chikara show: At King of Trios (Chikara Event), one year they started going into this bullshit slow-motion spot. I had never seen this before and I just about blew a fricking gasket. I was so mad. Because no one told me about it, next thing I know this… and I guess in the context of Chikara’s universe it works fine… but the thing is next time I’m participating. I’m doing the same shit as everyone else. Tommy Dreamer pulls out a remote, goes like that (presses pause) and everyone stops.

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