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Time for Jason Jordan to Have a Heel Turn


With the Raw Tag Team Champions, Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins, putting their titles on the line against The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) on January 28th at the Royal Rumble, the question is whether Jason Jordan should now stop being a “babyface”.

Following Dean Ambrose’s serious elbow injury a few weeks ago, which is expected to sideline him for up to nine months, according to the WWE, the company was at a crossroads regarding the Superstar that would replace the “Lunatic Fringe” as Seth Rollins’ tag team partner.

Dean Ambrose’s injury almost put an end to The Shield’s reunion as well, although Seth Rollins and Intercontinental Champion, Roman Reigns, are still fighting side by side against The Bar or the Bálor Club.

However, it’s very likely these tag team matches will end as WWE comes closer to WrestleMania 34, where the “Big Dog” is scheduled to challenge the “Beast Incarnate”, Brock Lesnar, for the Universal Title.

That said, the company made the decision to appoint Jordan as the “Architect’s” tag team partner, with the two Superstars beating The Bar to claim the Raw Tag Team titles during the Christmas edition of Monday Night Raw.

Despite the great start to this unexpected partnership, the latest episode of Monday Night Raw showed the creative team may have different plans for the two superstars, ahead of their battle with Cesaro and Sheamus.

On Monday’s episode, Jason Jordan tried to help Seth Rollins, yet his decision distracted The Architect and cost his team the victory, as Seth Rollins was pinned by Finn Bálor.

Although The Miz’s post-match assault to Roman Reigns stole the show (with the “A-Lister” having his rematch for the Intercontinental Title on January 22nd, during the 25th Anniversary of Raw), it’s certain Seth Rollins will confront Jason Jordan for the latter’s actions during the match.

So, it seems one of the company’s main targets is for Jason Jordan to have a heel turn, just like the one Seth Rollins had when he “betrayed” Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to join The Authority and become the face of the company.

For my part, I think Jason Jordan replacing Dean Ambrose has been one of WWE’s best decisions lately, as it’s a great opportunity for the young talent to climb higher on the ladder and become one of the company’s top guys.

With the storyline between Jason Jordan and his “father”, WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle, not attracting the fans’ interest any more, Jason Jordan has been given the chance to retain his place among the red brand’s top guys.

Yet, this will happen only through a heel turn as the WWE Universe seems to be “tired” of him getting title matches only because of his storyline connection to Kurt Angle.

What I mean by that is that Jason Jordan was elevated very fast, without even proving he deserves to be among the best Superstars.

However, his presence alongside Seth Rollins guarantees he will continue to have a central role in the creative team’s plans and if he “betrays” his tag team partner, then a potential match-up between the two in the post-Royal Rumble episodes will help Jason Jordan further solidify himself as a heel.

The young wrestler has made great performances so far (being the first person to hold the Raw, SmackDown LIVE and NXT Tag Team Championships) and possess all the physical attributes needed to reach the top.

Yet, he should work even harder to enhance certain aspects of his in-ring presence (psychology, talking on the microphone etc) and what a better way to do that than working with Seth Rollins, who used to be the top heel a few years ago.

I believe that making Jason Jordan a heel enables the WWE to further invest on the young athlete and also shows the company’s faith and high expectations in him.

Jason Jordan should now keep working and listen to the veterans’ advice in order to become better, while his current storyline with Seth Rollins will only benefit him, since the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is considered one of the roster’s leaders.

Overall, and with the Tag Team Title Match less than three weeks away, the creative team will start unfolding its plans regarding Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan’s partnership, which is not expected to be a long-term one.

That said, I think now is the time for the WWE to let Jason Jordan have a heel turn, otherwise keeping him as a “babyface” will only hurt his great potential.