Thursday, November 15, 2018
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WWE Almost Gave Kane & The Undertaker Another Brother


On a recent edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast, former WWE and Impact Wrestling star Matt Morgan discussed his time in WWE’s developmental system. Here are the highlights:

Being asked to wear a mask in OVW as one of the promotion’s top babyfaces:

“They put a mask on me, first they said because it was going to improve my body language. What? Anyways, you shut up and do what you’re told. So I went to wrestling practice with a hood and a mask, and then I’d be on TV with a mask,” Morgan explained. “So Jim Cornette was like, ‘How the hell do I explain this? You’re the top babyface, you’re the champion, what do I do?’ So I lost a Loser Leaves Town match, come back as The Blueprint and wear a hood and I’m not Matt Morgan anymore, I’m just The Blueprint.”

Almost being Kane’s brother, Abel:

“The cool part was they were going to turn this into, I was gonna be Kane’s brother Abel,” Matt Morgan said. “And I would’ve killed for that! I would’ve worn a hood gladly for that just because I’m a huge ‘Taker and Kane fan. What leads to Kane leads to ‘Taker, right? Nine-year-old Matt Morgan inside was going bananas.”