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WWE Survivor Series 2017: Tracking Raw’s Feuds and Match Options for PPV Card


This is what I can see WWE cooking up for the Raw brand as far as Survivor Series 2017 has to go:


Jinder Mahal vs. Brock Lesnar

Technically, this isn’t really confirmed yet, but c’mon, we know Lesnar isn’t going to deny the challenge unless he’s suddenly too sick to perform at the event.


Survivor Series Match Variation #1: Team Shield vs. Team Kane

A few weeks back, I assumed it would be pretty much a guarantee that we’d get the same layout as last year, with three elimination matches dedicated to the men, women, and tag teams of Raw and SmackDown LIVE going at it.

That no longer seems to be as much of a 100% certainty as before, and I can see an alternative (unfortunately) being that we get Team Shane McMahon vs. Team Kevin Owens on SmackDown LIVE’s side of things, while Raw has its own in-house elimination match.

If that does happen, I think it will consist of something with Reigns leading the charge against Kane’s team, but I’m hoping that’s not the case, as it would be far too similar to what we just saw with TLC’s main event.

However, the fact that we didn’t get The Shield reunion may actually be the reason why this happens, as WWE might feel like they still need to do that and can’t just do the match on Raw.

Oddly enough, this could be some kind of weird scenario where Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins find themselves aligned with Braun Strowman, since he was excommunicated from his team. They would need a fifth person—not Kurt Angle—and could face The Miz, Kane, The Bar and some other person, perhaps Samoa Joe.

I could definitely imagine a scenario where Joe and Strowman start a feud out of this, Kane and Reigns are paired up, The Bar effectively offset Ambrose and Rollins and then someone is put in opposition of The Miz, like Finn Balor or Matt Hardy.

I’m crossing my fingers this isn’t what WWE has in store, so in the event we get the three elimination matches, let’s take a look at how they might work out…

Team SmackDown (Men)’s Representatives

If WWE does the same layout as last year with three elimination matches, we have to guess who the 5 men will be who will make up Team Raw’s standard guys match.

Team Raw Options (12) = Braun Strowman, Bray Wyatt, Goldust, Finn Balor, Elias, Jason Jordan, John Cena, Kane, Matt Hardy, The Miz, Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe

Most of these people can’t possibly be teaming up with one another. There’s no way The Miz is on the same team as Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns, so I’m having my doubts, and I honestly can’t think of any combination that makes sense to me.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Enzo Amore (c) vs. Kalisto

With Enzo winning the title back, Kalisto will be granted a rematch at some point, which could happen any time over the course of the next month.

In one scenario, Kalisto and Enzo have several encounters here and there on Raw and 205 Live until Enzo can’t avoid him any longer, setting up their title match here, where Enzo retains through some kind of chicanery.

In another scenario, but something I don’t see as likely, Enzo and Kalisto have their rematch on Raw or 205 Live and by the time Survivor Series rolls around, there’s a new challenger set up for Enzo—possibly Rich Swann, Mustafa Ali, or Cedric Alexander.

However, if we don’t get the Kalisto/Enzo title match, I think we’ll be getting an elimination match instead…

Alternate Idea: Team Enzo Amore vs. Team Kalisto

Let’s say WWE decides not to go with a title defense for the Cruiserweight Championship, but instead, play off the idea that Enzo Amore now has some friends, even though just a few weeks back, he was hated by everybody on the roster whether they were a heel or a babyface.

In that scenario, Team Enzo Amore would consist of himself, Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, and Noam Dar most likely, as those five have been seen working together. There are still two other heels (Gentleman Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick) who would be left out, so they could also take the place of two others in the match if WWE would rather go with them.

On the babyface side of things, Kalisto would likely team up with Mustafa Ali, Akira Tozawa and either the duo of Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann, or Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado if we still have the Alexander/Swann/Gallagher/Kendrick thing going on.

Or, hell, WWE could just say screw it and have this not be a 5-on-5, but make it a 7-on-7 and include everybody mentioned above, leaving only Neville and TJP out of the mix.

Roman Reigns vs. Kane

Even though I think there’s a distinct chance we could see these two in a tag team match of some sorts, along with other singles matches also being a possibility that I don’t want to focus much on here (like The Miz having a title defense or another Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt match), this is the one standout singles fight I can see being in WWE’s plans.

Clearly, there’s something between Reigns and Kane that was going to be a part of TLC. The best guess is that Kane is pissed at Reigns for retiring The Undertaker, who has his ties to Survivor Series since that’s where he made his debut.

If there’s no Team Shield match with these two facing off, a singles fight is definitely in the cards, so long as everybody is healthy and the lineup doesn’t have to be reshuffled in any way.

Team Raw (Women)’s Representatives

I would go so far as to say that if we don’t get a Raw Women’s Championship match between Alexa Bliss losing the belt to Asuka (or at least losing the match due to count out or disqualification to prolong that title change)—which I don’t think is going to happen as I expect Asuka to win that title closer to WrestleMania—then we can guarantee that if there’s a Raw vs. SmackDown women’s match, Asuka will be the absolute standout of the entire thing on BOTH sides. She’ll likely be the sole survivor for her team and the winner that stands alone at the end of the match.