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All Elite Wrestling Fight for the Fallen: Heat Index PPV Match Card Rundown & Predictions


Welcome to another edition of Heat Index, wherein we discuss the interest level for the various feuds heading into the pay-per-view events. This time around, we’re focusing on Fight for the Fallen coming this Saturday night.

The way this works is a pretty simple three-way breakdown of Hot, Lukewarm and Cold. If you like something and you’re very interested in how All Elite Wrestling is setting up the program, it’s Hot (aka Good). If you’re a bit on the fence about it and see some problems, but it’s not awful, then it’s just Okay or Lukewarm. The ones that are the most problematic that you have no interest in are Cold (aka Bad).

The Young Bucks vs. Cody and Dustin Rhodes = Hot/Lukewarm

What I like about this match is that it’s not what I would have expected to happen for the third event, and even though it seems so random, it’s Cody and Dustin Rhodes wrestling together again. I liked their tandem when they were in WWE together before the Stardust character, so I would like to see if they still have that rhythm to pull off another match like the one they had against The Shield.

I’m also curious if there will be any interference from Shawn Spears. I don’t think that makes a ton of sense, as The Young Bucks aren’t heels and wouldn’t seek help from someone attacking their friend, but you never know what tricks might be up their sleeves.

Just for the sake of something different and not having The Young Bucks be undefeated, I think Cody and Dustin Rhodes will win and Shawn Spears will attack Cody Rhodes after the match.

Prediction: Cody and Dustin Rhodes win.

Kenny Omega vs. CIMA =  Lukewarm/Cold

Unfortunately, I have been unable to really check out CIMA, as a weird byproduct of working on too many things at the same time. His match at Double or Nothing didn’t resonate with me, and he wasn’t wrestling for the whole thing, anyway, and I wasn’t able to pay 100% full attention to his match at Fyter Fest.

That hinders my personal perspective of this match more than someone who is a fan of his or even knows more about him from the previous two events. I’m sure plenty of people are MUCH more excited about this than I am, for those reasons alone.

But, given my hindrances, I have to say I’m just not into this on paper. It just feels like a random match to give Kenny Omega another win ahead of All Out. That’s perfectly fine, especially since this isn’t a major pay-per-view, but I basically just expect this to be a lot of quick action and a series of maneuvers with little selling until Kenny Omega picks up the win, and I’ll feel like I watched a stunt performance more than a wrestling match that really meant anything.

Prediction: Kenny Omega wins.

Brandi Rhodes vs. Allie = Cold

Allie did not impress me at Fyter Fest and Brandi Rhodes as a wrestler is pretty much the same as Maria Kanellis or Stephanie McMahon, in that she’s not really a wrestler on par with someone like a Kylie Rae or Britt Baker, so it’s tough to look at this match and expect it to be pretty much anything worth watching.

I hope it’s good, of course, and I hope that if it’s bad, people are honest about it and don’t just upgrade its value superfluously because it’s a women’s match on an All Elite Wrestling card. That drives me crazy. At least in my point of view right now, I’m not in the slightest bit pumped up to watch this.

Prediction: Allie wins.

“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian = Cold

This is just a random exhibition with no elements to really sink my teeth into, as I’m still getting to know these guys, and I’m not itching and begging to see some dream match of Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian.

It could be good. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be at least decent. But “it could be good” in a generic sense isn’t something that wows me and makes me feel super excited to be able to give this a Hot or even a Lukewarm.

If anything, I’m Cold on this because it feels like it’s underwhelming for the No. 1 contenders on this card to be cutting a promo and wrestling a random midcarder. All Elite Wrestling could have booked something more meaningful.

Prediction: Hangman Adam Page wins.

Darby Allin, Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela vs. MJF, Shawn Spears and Sammy Guevara = Hot/Lukewarm

I enjoyed what I saw of Allin, I’m on the fence about Havoc’s value to me as a viewer, Joey Janela is good for punishment, I’m a huge fan of MJF, I have always liked Shawn Spears and I’m completely indifferent about Guevara.

Basically, that means I’m way more on the positive side of this group of six than on the negative, and that will likely just fill in the same role that the four-way match did at Fyter Fest, I see no reason why it shouldn’t be one of the better contests of the night, so sign me up.

Prediction: Darby Allin, Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela win.

SoCal Uncensored vs. Lucha Bros = Hot/Lukewarm

The Lucha Bros are clearly a priority team, just like SoCal Uncensored. However, while Frankie Kazarian, Scorpio Sky and Christopher Daniels have had wins and losses, The Lucha Bros have only suffered defeat so far in All Elite Wrestling. I think this will be what balances that out by giving Pentagón Jr. and Fénix a victory.

As far as my excitement level on the Heat Index, I’m in that upper-midcard type of range, where I’m not beyond hyped about it, but I do expect it to be one of the better matches of the night. Basically, this is falling into the same sort of territory that a lot of matches in All Elite Wrestling fall into, where I don’t have a deep investment, even though I think it’s fairly certain it will be good, so I’m definitely positive about it, but you won’t see me get on my soap box with a megaphone.

Prediction: Lucha Bros win.