Monday, May 20, 2019
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Backstage Rumor on Bray Wyatt’s WWE Return, More


As noted last week, WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt is close to returning after taking time off to deal with an injury. In recent weeks, Bray Wyatt has been teasing a return to WWE television. The WrestleVotes Twitter account (they have broke some news in the past), said WWE is unsure of when to bring Bray Wyatt back. The account claims that there are “conflicting attitudes” backstage on if Bray Wyatt will return before WrestleMania 35 or after. Of course, take this as just a rumor for now.

When Bray Wyatt returns, it will likely be without Matt Hardy as his tag partner. As seen on WWE SmackDown LIVE in recent weeks, Hardy returned to action as part of the SmackDown! Live roster. Matt Hardy has been teaming with his brother Jeff Hardy, working as The Hardy Boyz.