Monday, May 20, 2019
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EVOLVE to Set Records This Weekend


The following was issued:

The last WWN Family events before the WWNLive Experience during Wrestlemania week take place this weekend. It starts with EVOLVE tonight. We have last minute details. Let’s get to it….

New Match For La Boom: Priscilla Kelly vs. Brandi Lauren has been added to EVOLVE 124 this Saturday in Queens, NY.

Tickets On Sale: EVOLVE is expecting record setting attendances tonight in Melrose, MA and tomorrow in Queens, NY. Go to now to check ticket availability! Get your tickets now before it’s too late! Great seats also remain for Saturday afternoon’s SHINE event. Get them at We have the lineups at the end of this WWN Alerts.

Join Club WWN For 6 Live Events: Join Club WWN at now and you’ll all the WWN Family events through the WWNLive Experience during Wrestlemania week in your first month. It’s only $9.99 per month! Just think about it- for only $9.99 you’ll get 3 EVOLVE events, SHINE, WWN Supershow and the More Than Mania After Party with DDT vs. Kaiju Big Battel. Plus, you’ll get immediate access to almost 500 events right now! It all starts tonight with EVOLVE!

NXT Shirts On Sale This Weekend: The WWN Merch table will have a limited supply of Ricochet and Velveteen Dream shirts on sale at the live events this weekend. The Ricochet shirts are a great item to get autographed by the “One And Only” history making superstar.

WWNLive Experience Cards Take Shape: The EVOLVE and WWN Supershow lineups during Wrestlemania week will be revealed starting at the EVOLVE events this weekend. We will have the complete lineups released by Monday. Go to for all the show info. We can confirm now that a DDT team will challenge for the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles at EVOLVE 125 on April 4th at noon. In addition, we can confirm that the six man tag team tradition will continue at the WWN Supershow: Mercury Rising 2019 on April 5th at 3pm. In a new twist, there will be two six man tag team matches. It will be EVOLVE vs. wXw and EVOLVE vs. DDT in two six man tags! More details coming soon.

WWN Seminar/Tryout News: WWE Performance Center Coach Robby Brookside will be the special guest at the April 3rd WWN Seminar/Tryout in Queens, NY. This is a great opportunity for all the talent coming in for Wrestlemania week. Go to the Seminar/Tryout section for more info. Congrats to Blaxstrom on earning a spot as an extra at last Wednesday’s NXT taping at a WWN Seminar/Tryout. He was able to work with Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Matt Bloom at the taping. This kind of opportunity will be offered on April 3rd.