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Is the Hate on Brie Bella Justified?


On Monday Night Raw, there was a six-woman tag team match between Natayla and the Bella Twins facing off against The Riot Squad. Nothing seemed to out of the ordinary, until there was a sequence in the match involving Brie Bella and The Riot Squad member, Liv Morgan. Brie Bella is famous for utilizing her husband’s move set, and one of her signature copycats are the YES kicks, which are a series of kicks to the chest, followed by a swift kick to the head. However, something seemed very wrong with the sequence. Brie Bella continuously kicked Liv Morgan, but some kicks caught her very high, and she looked knocked out and was visibly stumbling to her feet after taking a series of stiff blows to the head. The fears of some were concerned as it was revealed that Liv Morgan suffered a concussion and is now on protocol awaiting a return.

So, whose fault was it? Did Liv Morgan kneel in her head a bit too much or was Brie Bella being reckless? Honestly, I think it was a combination of both. I believe Liv Morgan’s body placement was a bit lower than normal superstars when they take a series of chest kicks. At the same time, I would think one who is doing the kicking should be able to discern whether or not they are hitting their chest and when they are blatantly kicking them in the face. Regardless, it was another incident in a series of gaffes involving Brie Bella upon her in-ring return this year. Her ring work has always been less than stellar, but when you take a look at the sequences involving her and Maryse, her botching multiple suicide dives in the same match, and this incident, it has only added fuel to the flame of hate that has come towards the direction of the Bella Twins, more specifically Brie Bella?

After that incident with Liv Morgan on Monday, I noticed that there were two specific groups of people with two different mindsets on what happened. There were those who immediately called for Brie Bella to retire and to never step foot in a ring again because of her botches, and there were another group of people who came to her defense and stated that accidents simply happen and it could have happened to anyone. One common name that was brought up into this discussion was Seth Rollins.

His name is being brought up into this because he is known as a top guy in the industry today, but he did go through a rough patch a couple of years ago where he was seemingly causing harm to others and himself. Within a span of about a year, he broke John Cena’s nose in a match, inadvertently caused Sting to retire after a corner powerbomb injured him severely, injured his knee at a live event, causing him to miss approximately 9 months of action and tore Finn Bálor’s labrum, causing him to miss about the same length of time.

Here is what everyone needs to realize. Every single time any superstar wrestles in the ring, they are taking huge risks, which is why one has to be professionally trained. There is a special bond of trust that lies between professional wrestlers because they are essentially entrusting their safety into the lives of others. If they mess up, consequences could be dire and it can affect them for the rest of their lives. In regards to the comparison between Brie Bella and Seth Rollins, however, I do think there are staunch differences.

In regards to Brie Bella, I will say this. I do think she needs a bit more training in the ring. If we are being honest, she isn’t a good ring performer. She just seems very clunky and uncomfortable doing certain things. And this is not hating her because she is a reality TV star and is popular for non-wrestling reasons. I believe her sister, Nikki Bella, is a far more polished in-ring performer. I think she especially came around in the latter half of her Divas title reign three years ago and started to work smarter, more effective matches. I don’t think Brie Bella has her talent, and I think she would do a lot of good if she were to train with Daniel Bryan a lot, since her ring style is essentially modeled after him.

Accidents can happen at any point in WWE, I don’t believe that all of the hate on Brie Bella is justified, because it is true in that it could happen to anyone. At the same token, it isn’t unreasonable to say that Brie Bella could use more polishing in the ring to ensure she doesn’t do serious harm to herself one day. Seth Rollins may have had a shaky past, yes. But I don’t believe he has made it a habit or something he is defined by. It’s one thing for botches and injuries to be caused by miscommunication or routine moves just simply going wrong. But it’s another thing if injuries are caused by sloppy execution.

The current WWE Champion, AJ Styles, broke Yoshi Tatsu’s neck with a Styles Clash a few years back. But you don’t hear anyone doubting that he’s still a great worker. Brie Bella does some sloppy moves, and people say she’s a bad worker. I believe there is a reason for that.

In closing, I simply think Brie Bella just needs more practice and that’s it. While Brie Bella isn’t the best performer around, I think I have seen worse than her, and there is a valid point in saying that things that she has done could happen to anyone. While the frequency with which these mishaps have been happening to her upon her return is a tad troubling, I don’t think it’s the end of the world. But she does have to show improvement.