Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Joey Ryan Opens up About Hosting a Penis Party WrestleMania Weekend


On Friday, April 5th, 2019, Joey Ryan will be hosting a penis party which is named after him.

Recently, Joey spoke to Fightful about how this event came together and how he feels about running the opposite NXT TakeOver: New York. Below are some highlights.

Joey Ryan on how this event came together:

“WrestleCon and Highspots noticed the increase in specialized events — to make something have its own feel, instead of the same thing 15 times. A lot of credit should be put on (Joey) Janela and Game Changer. They sparked it a couple of years ago with Spring Break. Revolver with Pancakes and Piledrivers as well — it gives them something to brand. These specialized shows become their own attraction. They pitched the idea and said they wanted to run a Joey Ryan Penis show. I was all about it and the Penis Party was born.”

Joey Ryan on running opposite of NXT TakeOver: New York:

“We took a little bit of a hit when NXT moved to from Saturday to Friday. We’re still expecting it to be mostly sold out. It’s a 2,000 seat arena and we’re inching our way to a sellout even against Spring Break and NXT. Most wrestling that weekend kind of becomes serious, so it’s cool to see fans want to be a part of something a little more light-hearted.”

To read the full interview and hear audio, click here.