Friday, July 19, 2019
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Mark Henry Reveals New Backstage Role with WWE


It looks like WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry has a new role with WWE. After his Hall Of Fame induction, and seemingly being done as a full-time in-ring talent, “The World’s Strongest Man” has found a new way to help the company. Speaking to the “Notsam Wrestling Podcast”, Henry revealed that he’ll now be at all WWE pay-per-views.

He noted that locker room etiquette hasn’t been what it’s supposed to be given that a lot of veterans aren’t backstage as regularly anymore. With his presence backstage at each PPV now, Henry will be looking to correct that:

“Me being gone this last year and a half, there’s a lot of stuff that’s happened in the locker room that would’ve never happened under my watch. People arguing and fussing about stuff. There’s been a couple of people be habitually late, which Vince hates. But he don’t have Taker or Me.

“Booker’s not there — only at TV. Big Show’s been injured. So all the guys that hold peoples’ face to the fire is not there. That sh*t is fixing to come to an abrupt stop. Because I will be at all pay-per-views now. We’re gonna reestablish the chain-of-command. People used to call it “the stooges”.

“You can call me whatever you wanna call me. But what you won’t do is make the business look bad.”