Friday, July 19, 2019
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New Japan President Harold Meij talks G1 Supercard, NJPW’s Global Expansion


President of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Harold Meij recently sat down with Sporting News to discuss G1 Supercard this Saturday from Madison Square Garden, Kenny Omega, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s westernization and global expansion overall. Below are some highlights:

Harold Meij on G1 Supercard:

“We thought that would be an ideal situation to give back even more to the fans. Because we wanted to make it a great fan enjoyable wrestling weekend. We’re very thankful for the reactions that we’ve gotten. And we are just as excited, if not more, than the fans globally. Madison Square Garden is such a prestigious venue and this is also great for our wrestlers.”

Harold Meij on Jay White:

“Well, [there are] many ways to look at the future stars, if you will, of New Japan. Because we have so many different types of talents, and I want to focus on three particular buckets if you will. And the first one has to be the Young Lions, because it’s quite unique for our promotion, in that we have this dojo system, which is quite unique for a wrestling promotion. When we train the Young Lions, not just physically, but also mentally. We turn these guys into men. Jay White went through that system. Some Young Lions go on a more expedited career path. He’s gone places with speeds that have been unheard of. So yeah, we look very much forward to seeing how far he can take that.”

Harold Meij on Kenny Omega:

“Kenny was an integral part of this promotion. If he stayed, I think we really could have worked even closer with him. We give our talent more creative freedom, I think. We work with the wrestlers to be able to use those creative outlets, and he’s had that within New Japan. And we thought we could do even more. So, yeah, it’s … in that sense, I’m very sad to see him go, to be honest. But, again, it’s part of the business.”

Harold Meij on an NJPW Women’s Divison:

“It keeps coming up all the time and we don’t really know where to start. Because I don’t know, frankly, where the boundaries are. Once you start having a Women’s Division, what do you do with the men’s one? Do you mix them or not? Do you treat them as separate entities, but everybody knows it’s run by the same company, is that believable? It raises so many questions, that in, so far, we are not comfortable with.”