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SmackDown LIVE Superstars Missing from WWE Super Show-Down Card


Following the go-home edition of SmackDown LIVE, we can now look at the list of WWE superstars from the blue brand who will be missing from the 2018 Super Show-Down show— at least, as far as what is currently being advertised.

There is always a chance more people are added to the mix or there is some kind of change to the card later this week or even at the last minute, but for now, this post will fill you in on the men and women who are either guaranteed to be left off the show or are at least in danger of that happening.

Some of these omissions make perfect sense and others are a bit more questionable, so let’s take a look at the list and see where these wrestlers fall as we breakdown the SmackDown LIVE talent missing from the pay-per-view lineup right now.

From the SmackDown Men’s Singles Division

— Aiden English/Rusev: This card for Super Show-Down was mostly announced well in advance, and if they would have put a match between Rusev and Aiden English on the card, it would have spoiled the heel turn. Because of bad timing with this happening now, Evolution following it, and Crown Jewel not being the type of event that would likely feature these two in a singles match together, I’m expecting this to be a TV-only feud.

— Andrade “Cien” Almas: Andrade “Cien” Almas was getting regular air time for quite a while, but Super Show-Down has been so poorly structured and in such advance with the clear intent of “big names, doesn’t matter in what fashion” being the booking mentality that it’s no surprise he was overlooked, but it’s a shame, as he’s been proving himself to be worthy of much more than he’s been given.

— Jeff Hardy: Jeff Hardy was suffering from injury problems for quite a while, so he was realistically written off television for an indeterminate amount of time with his Hell in a Cell match. As it’s unknown when Jeff Hardy will be ready to go, it’s safe to assume Crown Jewel may even be out of the mix, if not also Survivor Series and more events to come.

— R-Truth: While R-Truth has had more action in the past few weeks than the last year in its entirety, he’s still just a supporting character and not someone who is a high priority. Catch him on Mixed Match Challenge. That’s where he’ll be used more.

— Randy Orton: The Viper is in a bit of a lull. He took out Jeff Hardy and he’s attacked Tye Dillinger just for the hell of it, but he’s also stated The Perfect 10 isn’t his next victim. It seems WWE has nothing for him to do until a future event, so he’s just waiting for his next feud to start.

— Shelton Benjamin: I’ve completely lost track of the last time Shelton Benjamin was on television, but I know it wasn’t any time relatively recent. If my memory serves right, it was in June or July. That’s not good, but if Creative has nothing for him, it’s better to be out of the limelight than being a jobber every week.

— Shinsuke Nakamura: How is the United States champion not on this card? How has Nakamura not had a legitimate feud with anyone since the very beginning of his program with Jeff Hardy? What the hell is going on with this guy and WWE’s writers?

— Sin Cara: Sin Cara is still rehabbing an injury which saw him undergo knee surgery in August.

— Tye Dillinger: Sadly, The Perfect 10 is a stepping stone. They use him when they need someone, not when they want specifically him to do something. He’s kind of a prop, and he’s on the list of people I think deserve to have more chances to make something of himself, rather than just be the fall-guy who can make other people look good.

From the SmackDown Women’s Division

— Carmella: Carmella’s mood has settled since losing the SmackDown Women’s Championship as she’s been pushed aside in favor of the Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair feud. This has opened the door for her to turn (at least temporarily) babyface to team up with R-Truth in the Mixed Match Challenge tournament, which will likely be the true focus she has going on until TLC. We’ll see her compete at Evolution, probably, but Super Show-Down has no room for her.

— Lana: If we get something with Rusev, we’ll get Lana. If not, Lana had no chance of making it on this card, but she’ll be at Evolution, naturally.

— Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville: Boy, these two have been on the backburner lately, haven’t they? Their only use recently has been losing to Asuka and Naomi because that helps those two look stronger in the setup for their match against The IIconics. Not everyone can have the spotlight at the same time.

— Tamina: Tamina Snuka is still out with her injury from earlier this year, and even if she were able to return, it’s doubtful Creative would have anything for her to do.

— Zelina Vega: Since there isn’t anything going on with Andrade “Cien” Almas right now on the card, it makes sense why Zelina Vega is absent, too. It’s as simple as that.

From the SmackDown Tag Team Division

— SAnitY: Correct me if I’m wrong, but we haven’t seen any member of SAnitY since their attempt to get a tag team championship match at Hell in a Cell, which they had failed to achieve. It’s just been a few weeks since then, though, so it’s not the end of the world, but if they don’t pick up some steam soon, they’re going to look like a bust.

— The Bludgeon Brothers: Rowan is still injured and will conceivably out for quite some time, so it seems WWE has no intention on using Harper on television until his partner has healed.

— The Colons: Primo and Epico were actually on television recently for the first time in God knows how long, in the aforementioned losing effort for a title shot at Hell in a Cell. That’s still more of a win than they’ve had in the past two years.

— The Good Brothers: I feel like it’s just a given that Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows aren’t ever involved in any pay-per-views. It’s weird, because this event is very tag team heavy and it would have been kind of fun to see them team with AJ Styles against Samoa Joe and two other partners if two heels fit that bill, but they don’t, so…

— The Usos: No, they’re not locked up in any penitentiary. Jimmy Uso is at least keeping busy with Mixed Match Challenge. Other than that, they lost their title shot opportunity and they aren’t heels, so it doesn’t make as much sense for them to be facing The New Day as The Bar.