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Stardom Queen’s Fes 2018 Review


Time for the official review of the Queens Fes Show from February 18th from Korakuen Hall. Pretty good show, solid card, and three very good matches.


Two of Stardom’s veteran competitors taking on the three young teenage prospects. The veterans play the heel role in this match jumping Ruaka as soon as the bell hits before being taken out by dropkicks from Shiki & Hanan. Konami & Yoneyama regains the control very quickly and dominated a handful of this short match, the crowd was behind Shiki’s quick comeback.

The finish comes with a dual dropkick from the vets taking out all three of the rookies. Yoneyama pushes Ruaka & Shiki out as Konami hits a Fisherman’s Suplex on Hanan followed by a Roundhouse kick for the victory. Good match but nothing special.

Winners: Konami & Kaori Yoneyama

Rating: 1.75/5 Stars


Going into this match were a few different stories. Nicole Savoy & Xia Brookside were set to defend their championships against the members of Team Jungle and HZK has no interest in the match but rather the main event because Momo Watanabe challenges Io for the White Belt in the main event whereas HZK vs Io wasn’t the main event so a bit of jealousy growing within Queen’s Quest. The match was good, the action was terrific but Miranda still looks lost at times and sloppy. But the match was very fast paced and decent. Starlight Kid and Xia Brookeside was taken out after Starlight Kid was taken out with AZM’s Springboard Crossbody. Queen’s Quest was taken out by Team Jungle after Natsuko Tora hit the Swinging Side Slam on AZM and Natsuko Tora was put away by Nicole Savoy following a huge Fishermen’s Buster as World Selection takes the win. Savoy and Kyona shook hands and had a stare down following the match to tease their upcoming match for the Shimmer Championship. Cool stuff.

Winners: World Selection

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars


Time for the comedy match. Hiromi Mimura is retiring in late match, so she’s looking for some victories before finishing up and wants a big ‘Shout Explosion’ in Korakuen Hall. Oedo Tai does a rap segment in the back, Kagetsu and Hana states that they will win even if they’re drunk (playing up the press conference angle where they were drunk and angry with Tam for siding with Mayu to take their championships) and Sumire Natsu vows to put away the Shout. Natsu grabs the microphone and tells Hiromi that it’s nice that they could have another match like this before she leaves and talks about their similarities as they’ve both had a lot of injuries in their careers and struggled to find themselves until they found their “Shout”. Sumire Natsu proposes a clean match and extends her hand to Hiromi Mimura but she takes the mic and states that she feels the same way as Natsu cries.

Hiromi Mimura extends her hand and agrees to a clean match but she is pulled into a suplex followed by a boot as Natsu flips the crowd off to a shower of boos. They actually worked together nicely in this match and the crowd was behind it. Natsu worked over Hiromi Mimura until she had her in the corner preparing to drink the water and spit it over Hiromi Mimura but she fights out and Natsu spits all of it out as Hiromi Mimura fires away. Hiromi Mimura takes a bottle of water, gargles it down and gives Sumire Natsu a taste of her own medicine. Hiromi Mimura picks up the DQ win after Sumire takes her whip and chokes Hiromi Mimura before whipping her and the referee with it. Hiromi Mimura grabs the whip and fires away on Sumire Natsu sending her to the back.

Winner: Hiromi Mimura via DQ

Rating: 2.5 Stars


The story behind this is that Tam Nakano was a member of Oedo Tai until she was forced to leave the group after Queen’s Quest defeated Oedo Tai at the 7th anniversary show in a Loser Leaves Faction Gauntlet match. She was forced to leave her team but Io Shirai approaches her and offers her a spot in Queen’s Quest but Mayu Iwatani stops that and takes Tam over to the Stardom Sekigun. Tam and Mayu Iwatani picked up wins in Shinkiba and Kyoto before going for after champions. Oedo Tai feels betrayed that Tam Nakano is working with Mayu Iwatani whom they’ve been feuding with for years to take their titles, Hana Kimura is especially angry and showed no mercy on Tam during the 6-man tag match in Shinkiba with Oedo Tai vs Tam, Mayu Iwatani & Mari Apache. Tam cries and yells at Oedo Tai and tells them that she loved being apart of them and Hana Kimura is laughing at her all through the promo. Great matches by the way, I highly recommend both shows. Mayu Iwatani & Tam teases Panda Rock as their new name(Tam and her pandas + Mayu & Io’s old team Thunder Rock mash up).

I loved this match personally, might not have been as good as the main event but it was pretty damn close if you asked me. Oedo Tai turns their back towards Tam and Mayu Iwatani  after they offered a handshake before the match and gets attacked immediately. Mayu Iwatani  and Kagetsu are two of the top women of Stardom and has amazing chemistry as displayed during the match and the expressions, storytelling and exchanges between Hana Kimura and Tam Nakano was fantastic from bell to bell. Both Hana Kimura and Kagetsu absolutely kicked the crap out of Tam Nakano, Hana wanted to end Tam and got more aggressive as the match progressed. Tam hits a barrage of kicks and Kagetsu eats them up and asks for more until she finally drops her. Kagetsu quickly recovers and hits a fast rush of strikes to put Tam down for a near fall. Tam tries to fire back at Kagetsu with everything she’s got but she gets caught and dropped with a Chokeslam followed by a Landslide. Kagetsu hits the Oedo Coaster on to Tam successfully defend the Goddess of Stardom Championships for the sixth time. Oedo Tai mocked Panda Rock and said that they are aiming to face stronger challengers simply stating that Tam and Mayu Iwatani wasn’t on their level. Fantastic stuff.

Winners: And STILL the Goddess of Stardom Champions…Oedo Tai

Rating: 4 Stars