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Wrestling Made Easy: Who Faces John Cena at WrestleMania 34?


John Cena needs an opponent at WrestleMania. Yes, I know most adult male fans can’t stand John Cena. Yes, I know he technically has an “opportunity” to face Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania with a win in this weekend’s Fastlane PPV. Yes, I know he’s a part-timer and he’s scheduled to take more time off to film movies after WrestleMania.


It’s John Cena. Say what you want about him and you’d probably be right but he is one of WWE greatest all-time superstars, a 16-time champion, and women and kids adore him. If he’s healthy and available…he needs an opponent at the Show of Shows.
Okay, now that we have established that…let’s do a rundown of who he could possibly face.

The Undertaker

Although unlikely, The Undertaker is a huge enough name and would be a great opponent for John Cena. We all know over the years the physical limitations of The Undertaker but John Cena has enough to carry him in a WrestleMania match. And John Cena doesn’t need to win against The Undertaker. Brock needed to win to establish his credibility. Roman Reigns needed to win to put him in the same stratosphere with Brock Lesnar for this year’s WrestleMania Main Event to be legit. (Most would say it’s still not legit but that’s a different article) but John Cena doesn’t need it. John Cena could give The Phenom a good match and the sendoff he so richly deserves…winning at WrestleMania and then officially retiring. But as I said, the likelihood of this happening is the likelihood of Zack Ryder winning a World Title.

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio’s fairly recent appearance in the Royal Rumble along with the rumors of him working on a deal with the WWE to sign him would make him a candidate to face John Cena. But there are problems there. One, we have seen matches with these two individuals. Remember the 2011 WWE Championship match. Rey Mysterio won the title in the tournament after the departure of CM Punk. Rey Mysterio did face John Cena to give him an opportunity at the title that he never had a chance to challenge CM Punk for. Rey Mysterio dropped the title the same night he won it, CM Punk “resigned” back with the WWE that night, and the rest is history. Honestly a match between John Cena and Rey Mysterio at this stage of their career…and little hype would be just as memorable. *Yawn*

Samoa Joe

Joe vs. John would not be a bad matchup. Samoa Joe would give John Cena an opponent that you would love to see beat or love to see lose to John Cena (depending on where you fall on the John Cena spectrum). Samoa Joe could bring instant heat to a match that would be needed in it in the short time between now and WrestleMania. Being that this would be Samoa Joe’s first, would make him extra motivated. The only question is will Samoa Joe be back from injury before WrestleMania?

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy vs. John Cena one on one would be another solid match-up and would garner a lot of attention. But this match has the same question as Samoa Joe…would Jeff Hardy be back healthy in time for WrestleMania? And if so, would he be better suited returning to aid his brother Matt “reuniting” the “Woken” Hardy’s?

Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman feels like a strong candidate to face John Cena. Braun Strowman doesn’t currently have a dance partner for the Big Dance and watching Braun Strowman destroy John Cena would give me ENDLESS PLEASURE!!! I’m not saying to book a match between those two like John Cena’s SummerSlam Championship match with Brock Lesnar in 2014 but…I wouldn’t be mad if they did. Booking a match like that does two things:

  • Further raises Braun Strowman’s stock that could begin to propel him to next year’s WrestleMania main event.
  • Explain John Cena’s disappearance after April 8th so he can do more movies.

Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin is another strong candidate to face John Cena. Baron Corbin could cost John Cena the championship match at Fastlane much like John Cena cost Baron Corbin his Money in the Bank opportunity. But the drawback is…it’s Baron Corbin. Talk about a match I would use to go get a snack. I’m bored just thinking about it.

Jinder Mahal

Let’s be honest. You could do this match up but…

  • It was done last year and it wasn’t that memorable.
  • The match would feel like a John Cena vs. Rusev match from WrestleMania 31…again it’s been done.
  • I’d rather see Jinder Mahal thrown into the Bobby Roode vs. Randy Orton storyline at WrestleMania and see Jinder Mahal walk out with the US Title. Just sounds like a better story with more possibilities.


Now, this would be my fingers crossed, what if the stars aligned hope match. Face it, John Cena vs. Steve Austin will never happen. John Cena won’t ever face Hulk Hogan either. But what icon could Big Match John Cena face that he has never been in the ring with? An icon that represents a generation…an era. Sting would be the guy. I’m convinced Sting can still go. Well, let me rephrase…Sting has the ability to put on a 20 to 30 minute match with John that would be pretty solid. Besides WrestleMania is just as much about celebrating past stars as it is coronating stars the future stars. This year’s WrestleMania needs a spot for a legend, an icon, for the man called Sting.