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WWE Super Showdown Preview and Match Predictions


The New Day (C) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus – SmackDown Tag Team Championship

There really hasn’t been much of a story behind this tag team title feud from what I can garner. What I can say, however, is that these two tag teams should put on a great match if they get the time (which they probably won’t). It goes without saying that The New Day have been on fire in 2018, and have done a great job carrying the tag team division of SmackDown LIVE on their backs. Sheamus and Cesaro remain an awesome tag team two years after their formation, and they are a quality team that you can always expect the goods from. Combine the teamwork of both teams, and we have a solid bout on our hands. Cesaro and Sheamus are definitely going to be SmackDown Tag Champs someday, but I don’t think they pull the trigger this week.

Winner: The New day

The IIconics vs. Asuka and Naomi

I’ll be honest in that I haven’t been paying much attention to this feud that seems to have been lasting forever. They’ve been building this with a series of endless singles matches between the two teams. All I know is that team Australia should win because they are in…well, Australia. Kind of weird how far Asuka has fallen, though.

Winner: The IIconics

Becky Lynch (C) vs. Charlotte Flair – Smackdown Women’s Championship

e honest. Isn’t evil Becky the hottest thing you’ve ever seen? Seriously, Becky Lynch is on the run of her career right now. It’s so funny that Becky Lynch is supposed to be the heel here, but the crowd is visibly cheering for Becky Lynch and rooting against Charlotte Flair. Then again, I can hardly blame them. This is one of those situations where the heel is just so good at being evil that you can’t help but cheer their sheer evilness. There is no way that Charlotte Flair should have any chance of beating Becky Lynch this Saturday simply because of the role that she is on. Charlotte Flair is an elite performer and a 7-time Champion, but this is Becky Lynch’s time and it’s time to give her the long run that she’s earned for so long.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz – Winner Gets WWE Title Shot

It seems like this feud between Daniel Bryan and The Miz has been grossly one-sided in favor of the latter. Think about it. The Miz has defeated Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, he and his wife defeated Daniel Bryan and his wife at Hell in a Cell, and he almost always has the last laugh in any segment that they are involved in. I’m really curious to see which direction they go in here, because I’ve been hearing rumors that a fatal four-way match between AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, The Miz and Daniel Bryan may be in the works. If that’s the case, then this match would end indecisively. This match is by far the toughest to predict on the card, and while Daniel Bryan has gotten the shorter end of the stick in this feud, I believe that The Miz will win again here. The reason why I’m picking The Miz is that I believe this is building up to a long-term feud over the WWE Title with Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan will pick up a big win sooner or later, but I believed that they would get a redemption win at Hell in a Cell and they didn’t. I’m going with my gut here and I’m going to say The Miz once again cheats to win.

Winner: The Miz

AJ Styles (C) vs. Samoa Joe – WWE Championship (No DQ, No Countout)

I want to say that I’m excited about this match, but AJ Styles’ WWE Title defenses on PPV this year have been sketchy at best. He pinned the wrong guy in the handicap match at the Royal Rumble. His Backlash rematch against Shinsuke Nakamura ended with a No Contest despite it being No DQ. His match at Greatest Royal Rumble ended as a Double Count-out. His match against Joe at SummerSlam ended by DQ, and his rematch at Hell In A Cell ended with him winning, but not after replay showed him tapping out beforehand. So, it goes without saying that a precedent has been set for ugly finishes for AJ Styles on PPV this year. I’m going to tell you all something you all should already know for yourselves. Samoa Joe should leave Australia as WWE Champion. This isn’t even up for debate.

I can’t say that I’m disappointed in this feud between two of TNA’s stalwarts, but I’m also unhappy that the feud has taken away focus from the WWE Title. All of the talking and both Samoa Joe and AJ Styles not being on TV for weeks on end and few face to face interactions between the two have also taken the wind out of the feud’s sails a bit. Now, they can make up for it by tearing it up and having a match that’s worthy of the WWE Championship despite the fact that we all know they won’t be the main event. If AJ Styles and Samoa Joe can go out there and just tear each other apart and work hard, I can forgive the past month of Samoa Joe repeatedly pseudo-stalking AJ Styles’ family. Samoa Joe should win, but I think WWE is just far too cowardly to pull the trigger. I honestly believe that if WWE wanted Samoa Joe to be champion, they would have put it on him already. Every time I’ve picked AJ Styles’ opponent to beat him, he’s won. So maybe if I pick AJ Styles to retain, there will be a reverse-jinx and Samoa Joe will win. So that’s what I’ll do. I win either way.

Winner: AJ Styles

Cedric Alexander (C) vs. Buddy Murphy – Cruiserweight Championship

Buddy Murphy has been working his ass off for 205 Live this year and Cedric Alexander has been a solid champion for the Cruiserweight brand. In my personal opinion, I believe that Buddy Murphy has earned the right to win the championship because of all the quality matches he’s put on. He has proven himself to be a well-polished heel, and being in Australia makes it an even bigger stage (even though their personal location shouldn’t have any bearing on whether or not he wins anyway). I’m hoping that they get a decent time to work with and have a great little spring, but I think the time has come for Buddy Murphy to win the title, and I think it’s going to happen.

Winner: Buddy Murphy